Case Study: May 2021

We Took a Brand from -$351.78 to + $42,321 in 30 Days. Here's How.

The story of how a company that lost money on Facebook ads made $42,321 in their first 30 days with us is worth celebrating. They'll be celebrating this weekend their biggest month ever!

I'll be honest: I, like most agencies, usually shy away from working with brands that have not advertised successfully before.

But this brand was a little different and from the moment I had heard about them, I just knew I had to partner up with them.

Before I start with giving you our entire campaign structure, there's a disclaimer:

  • They've been active for a few years
  • Celebrities wear their clothing
  • They've got super solid foundations

But they had only ever lost money with FB ads before.

Scale Your Brand to 7-Figures+ with the EGM System

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Here's What We Did:

The number #1 reason fashion brands come to us to scale is that we have our very own system called the E-Com Growth Machine.

This is actually my first time announcing the system in the public, it's been a secret project whilst perfecting it over the past few months.

We look at everything holistically, as a system:

Cog A will trigger B and B will lead to C, etc.

Every part of our system keeps this in mind: We bring the best people into the funnel (site), which trickles into quality people on your site, teaching Facebook that we want more of the people like *this* i.e. those that will purchase and will openly spend.

Every step of our system ensures only the highest quality of shopper, not just browsers, will reach your store.

It's good for us (we get incredible results to boast about,) it's incredible for you (you scale rapidly) and it's also incredible for the customer (they get exactly what they were after).

COLD - Top of Funnel:

  • People that haven't heard of you
  • Test 3 detailed targeting audiences (separate them)
  • Test 2 lookalike audiences
  • Test 1 very broad audience
  • Creatives - They simply need to get the person to shop and interact
  • Ad Copy/Text - Needs to separate the buyers from the browsers and find those who would do anything to give you their money.

WARM - Middle of Funnel:

  • People on your social media or browsed your site but not added to cart
  • Social retargeting works extremely well but only if you have a strong quality social audience. If you don't, it won't work well. Don't do giveaways, they suck and limit the warm retargeting performance.
  • Creatives - Videos to highlight the customer experience is working really well here at the moment.
  • Copy - Boast about your feature in Vogue or the time X person wore your clothing, maybe even mention some testimonials.

HOT - Bottom of Funnel:

  • People who added to cart, visited checkout, but did not purchase
  • Find out the common objections to people shopping with you (ask your audience)
  • Present a solution to the objections i.e. offering a discount (price), and offering product exchanges (worried about size/look)
  • Testimonials also work really well here
  • Creatives - Dynamic creatives with the FB catalogue, or videos/pictures of the best selling products. We even had a collage of the best sellers work really well here for another brand recently.

There are more of the finer details to it, but this is the exact framework we used to generate $42,321 from $3,382.81 ad spend over the last 30 days (12.51x ROAS).

If you are looking to scale your online brand to 7 figures+, book in a call with us below and I'll help you plan your way there.

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